Well we have been busy here at the publishing office. After seeing  a print copy that was a little thin, and listening to all the reviews, We added some beef to the book. We added eight chapters, cleaned up some errors, and now have the book available in paperback. You can click here  to order a physical copy, or the kindle version on Amazon.  The book has also been recorded and will be available as an audio book in a few days. I added eight chapters, and in the last chapter, I remember three fallen friends, Officer friends of mine who were killed in the line of duty. I tell a short story of my relationship with each of them, and how they were killed, with links to their Officer Down Memorial Pages. We want as many people as we can to get the truth about cops, we are lowering the kindle version to .99 cents. Please just leave an honest review. And a big thanks to all who have already read and posted reviews, it has put in the top 100 in a couple categories. We are sending physical copies to 100 news agencies, in an effort to get some National news coverage.